A Maid Marian Made Migration ~ Manny's Steakhouse

Sign up dinners are a tradition the first night of this conference.  It allows a group of attendees (or friends) to dine together at a local restaurant.  This also allows for the conference attendees to try some of the host city's local fare.  I signed up to go to Manny's based on a recommendation from a friend back home.

Manny's is reminiscent of a New York style steakhouse.  At Manny's, each diner orders their entree and sides are served family style (i.e., super large portions).  Our waiter presented the entree options from a butler's cart.  Besides the house specialty...STEAK...you can choose king crab legs the size of my son's arm, a 28 ounce Australian lobster tail or pork chops.  If I had had more money (in the amount of a small loan), I would have loved to have tried either seafood option.  Being as we were at a steakhouse, I ordered the filet.  I know, I know, but it's my favorite cut.  As my side which I planned on sharing with the rest of my party, I chose the creamed garlic spinach.  Yum-e! 

Other folks at our table ordered hash browns with and without onions, loaded mashed potatoes, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and truffle fries.  All of the side dishes were exceptional but my favorite was the truffle fries.  I've never had truffle oil before I came to Minneapolis.  These fries were the bomb!  The best pomme frites I have ever had. 
I adore the leafy greenness of spinach so the garlic creamed spinach was a close second when it came to the sides. 

There is no possibility of dessert with the amount of food you receive with an entree and a portion of a side at Manny's.  If you can stomach dessert after a meal here, you are a better woman than I.

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