Made ~ Zebra print

I haven't done a lot of painting recently but here's a glimpse of a monogrammed plaque I did for a co-worker's baby shower gift. I think it turned out really cute.


Made - The littlest football fan

My son Asher will be turning one on Thanksgiving Day. Instead of competing with the holiday, we chose to have his 1st birthday party the Saturday before. Check out these cute invitations I picked out from Tiny Prints. They are so adorable!!! I am so in love with them.

To continue the football theme, I chose green, brown and white for the color scheme. I made a banner using a variety of cardstock and scrapbook paper (found at Hobby Lobby)including one that had the texture of a football (found at Michaels). I accented the banner with green grosgrain ribbon.

I purchased a cake from Publix that resembled a football field. I was so elated that the figurines had green and white jerseys. It was like I had them custom made for Asher's party! Talk about a theme coming together. Because it was Asher's first birthday, Publix threw in a smaller cake especially for him. I chose chocolate so it would show up better in the photos. The baker said I was only the third mom EVER at her bakery to order a chocolate cake for their child's birthday. Seriously?

For the menu, I chose typical game fare and a few other items...hot dogs, chips, buffalo chicken dip (instead of hot wings), spinach dip, veggie and fruit trays and brownies. The brownies were in the shape of footballs thanks to my new Wilton cupcake pan I got at Wal-Mart. I had white chocolate pecans and green and brown M&Ms. I also had a kiddie cookie tray filled with animal crackers, Nilla wafers and Goldfish.

On the gift table, I had blank cards waiting for party guests to fill out with coaching advice to the rookie Asher. Thanks to my friend KD for the inspiration.

I also created cute party favor bags filled with a small football, stickers, green and brown M&Ms and Teddy Bear Grahams. I attached a cute football tag that I created with cardstock and the football-textured paper.

Asher wore an adorable green jersey I ordered from simply colors. I love it! And it's something Asher can wear until he turns two. His "great" Aunt Brenda sent him a crown to wear on his special day. I think it's too cute!

Thanks to the nap he had prior to the party. Asher had a wonderful time with his friends and family. He didn't dive into his birthday cake as much as I thought but he did get messy enough for a costume change. His most favorite thing at the party was the balloons. Here's a photo of him about to give one a hug. Overall, I think the party was a success and I had a ball (no pun intended) planning it for the littlest football fan in my life. Happy Birthday my sweet Asher!

Bird Crafts Party

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My husband bought our son's Halloween costume way back in the middle of summer. This is a great accomplishment since my husband is typically a last second kind of guy. He bought the cutest Superman onesie -- another plus. The only problem with the costume is that it was short sleeved and well, hello, Halloween is in the fall when it is cool, if not cold. So to improvise and prevent our son from freezing, I dressed Asher in his Superman onesie and then layered over it a plaid button down shirt and some khaki pants. I even added a mini Daily Planet newspaper for him to hold. The look I was going for was Clark Kent transforming into Superman. It's not ideal but it would have to do. The only alternative was finding tights and I didn't want to go there. What do you think? Does the costume pass the cuteness test?