Made ~ Lightning McQueen Birthday Party

My son Asher turned three this year.  Even at his young age, Asher knows what he wants.  He told me three to four months before his birthday that he wanted a Lightning McQueen birthday party.  Of course, I had to oblige.

This year I skimped on the invitations and just bought a pack from Target.  (See me hang my head in shame.)  As far as the decorations and food, I put a little more effort into it. I lined our driveway with orange safety cones I borrowed from my work.  A bunting of checkered flags made from black and white checked cloth backed with white felt hung from our front porch.  And two checkered flags hung on the front door.  Unfortunately, I only took photos of the front door.

Inside, a smaller bunting of checkered flags with the number 3 hung over the entry to the party area and images from the Cars movie decorated one wall.

The menu consisted of cupcakes, Grem's Goldfish, Sally's Spinach Dip, Luigi's Pizza Dip, Francesco's Franks, and Sarge's Surplus of Sweets which featured Ramone's Pinstripes, Mack's M&Ms, Doc Hudson's Dipsticks and Sheriff's Stoplight Bars.  I had intended to have Chick Hick's Chicken Nuggets and Mater's Tater Salad but ran out of time.  Oh well.  The fuel station offered Flo's Motor Oil (sodas), Fillmore's Organic Fuel (apple juice and fruit punch) and the King's Coolant (bottled water).  The organic fuel and coolant were dressed up with checkered flag duct tape.

Instead of a large sheetcake, my son requested a Lightning McQueen cupcake.  To say Asher LOVES cupcakes is an understatement.  So after seeing the cupcake version of Mater created by Bakerella, I created my own version of Lightning McQueen in cupcake form. It was a hit as you can tell.  (I also made Asher's t-shirt with a graphic I purchased off of Etsy.)

For favors, I found the little bags at Target's Dollar Spot at Halloween, three for a dollar.  I had planned on created treat bags for my son's preschool class but ran out of time. I'm so glad that happened because I was able to make some cute party favor bags with them. 

I attached some Cars themed ribbon I found at Wal-Mart. 

Then I filled the bags with Cars themed toys from Dollar Tree (i.e., tops, crayons, little Piston Cups).

Over all I think the party was a success.  Thanks for looking!


Made ~ Christmas Candy Basket

Here is a super cheap and super chic idea for Christmas.  I purchased an oval basket from Target's Dollar Spot.  The basket was covered in Christmas candy images.  I added some pleated ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby, some vintage lace and the bloom from a floral pick I got at Michael's for 50% off.  For under $2, here is a pretty basket to hold a small gift.


Handmade Ornaments are Best

I adore Christmas.  It is the most creative time of the year for me.  As such, I participated in Cassandra's ornament swap.  I was paired up with other like-minded ladies who have a soft spot in their hearts for pinks and blues.  Here is a glimpse of the ornaments I made for Cheryl:


and Tabitha.

And here are the delightful ornaments I got from Cheryl:


and Tabitha.

Aren't they all TDF?????  Now, I must go out and buy that white Christmas tree I have been longing for to put these handmade ornaments on.  Thanks, Cassandra for letting me participate in this swap.  And thank you, Cheryl, Julie and Tabitha for the best handmade ornaments a girl could ask for.


Now Open

I am excited to announce that my Etsy shop, MADE by Maid Marian Made, is now open.  Please drop by and take a look.  I will be adding more items over the next few days and weeks.  Also, if you see something you like and would prefer a different color or material/image combo, please contact me.  I would be glad to create a custom piece for you.  Thanks for looking!



Migration ~ Phoenix/Tucson

Last week, I went to Tucson for a business meeting.  I flew into Phoenix and drove down I-10 to Tucson.  Before I departed Phoenix, I visited Rust and Roses and Sirens and Saints, two adorable shops in the North 7th Avenue area. 

Sirens and Saints is a quaint clothing boutique with a vintage, Magnolia Pearl kind of vibe.  The shop owner is drop dead gorgeous and extremely helpful.  (I'm sorry...I forgot her name.)  She suggests complementary pieces that will go with the items that you choose.  I picked up a couple of pieces that I will likely take with me to Asheville in October.  Ooh, I wished this boutique was in Georgia.  I would shop there all the time.  Lucky for me, I will be returning to the area next June and plan on shopping here again. Sorry, I didn't take any photos but I was too busy trying on clothes.
Next door to Sirens and Saints is Rust and Roses, a junk store with a melange of shabby chic and rust.  If I had had a trailer, I would have racked up.  There was so much that I wanted to purchase from the chicken feeders to the locker baskets to a French armoire.  Le sigh! 

Out behind Rust and Roses is a darling little camper decorated in vintage lace, tapestries, ceiling tin and French furniture.  It's the type of camper I would like for my gypsy soul.  Isn't it TDF?

Please visit Rust and Roses and Sirens and Saints if you are ever in the Phoenix area.  They would appreciate your business.  Happy travels!