Savannah ~ A Maid Marian Migration, Part Two

Shopping in Savannah. Don't you just love the alliteration? My favorite shopping spot for home decor items and ideas in Savannah is The Paris Market. I could spend a small fortune in here. I go to The Paris Market to be inspired. Here are just of few of the things that I coveted on my last trip there:

Another one of my favorite stores in Savannah is HandPicked. It is part of a small chain of jewelry stores that began in Columbia, SC several years ago. The vast majority of my sterling silver jewelry collection has come from this store. I picked up this ring last year at their Savannah location.

Another favorite is
@Home. Unfortunately, @Home is closing its doors after 10 years of business. I'm so going to miss their vintage finds. However, I hope that they will continue to sell their wares online.

Do you have any special shopping spots in Savannah that you want to share? As you can tell, I love a reason to shop.

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