The bestest cookbook EVER!

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

I purchased The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook by Ree Drummond as a Christmas gift to myself for several reasons. One because I am so envious of her mad photography skills. Two, I can't pass up a good cookbook. Three, I needed a good dose of inspiration in those two areas of my life...art and food. Four, I believe she may be my twin if I had porcelain skin and auburny brown hair but then again maybe not.

Anyway, this is by far the BESTEST cookbook I have ever owned. Sorry, Giada. Sorry, Paula Deen. I am a visual learner by nature so the step-by-step photos fulfill my learning needs. And the commentary is priceless. I have even laughed aloud a few times. I mean come on. When was the last time a COOKBOOK made you laugh and out loud at that? This is also the only cookbook I have read EVERY single page. I read it at night before I go to bed. My hubby thinks I've lost it. That's okay...it helps me dream of him in a pair of chaps which is good, yes?

Thanks, P-Dub for writing and photographing the bestest cookbook I have EVER had the true pleasure of reading front to back and back to front. You rock!


  1. Fab. I need me one. ~KT

  2. From a fellow CCC, I have this cookbook and LOVE it! I made the cinnamon rolls for some co-workers at the co-op and they were a definite hit. I could lose myself for hours on her site.

    Glad you posted the link to your blog in the CCC newsletter. Maybe my word for the year should be "post" since I rarely update mine.