A new endeavor

As long as I can remember I have had a love affair with fabric. As a child I used to dream about being a fashion designer. I could sketch on paper the most wonderful clothing designs (at least in my opinion). Just one problem. I couldn't sew a lick. So I abandoned the dream and moved on to advertising and public relations and painting in my spare time. This was especially prudent after I nearly failed middle school home ec because of my poor sewing skills. Thank goodness I was a good cook or I would have never passed!

I love going to fabric stores and fawning over this fabric or the other for its color or pattern or both. And I have acquired quite a stash. What I will do with my stash I don't know, but I have it. Over the years I have attempted to sew things like simple curtains, anything that just required a straight line, nothing fancy. I longed to create something more. Perhaps a quilt. It's just sewing straight lines, right? About a year ago, I saw a Better Homes and Gardens magazine called Quilts and More that had an easy quilt pattern that could be done in a couple of days. I held onto the magazine and secretly wished to make a quilt using this pattern. And I held onto it. And I held onto it.

Fast forward to the first of September 2009, a couple of weeks ago. I typically make a handmade gift for those on my Christmas list each year and was thinking of what I could make this year when I came across that magazine issue. Yes! I could make a quilt for some of those family members and friends on my Christmas list IF the pattern was as easy as the magazine said it was. So, here I am attempting to make my very first quilt using my trusty Brother sewing magazine and a Moda Fabric Layer Cake in Soiree. Above are photos of what I have done so far after about three hours of effort. Not bad for someone who is sewing challenged.

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