Made ~ Holiday Apron Swap

When my friend Cheryl of Nouveaux Portmanteau asked if I wanted to participate in her holiday apron swap, I was a little hesitant.  I am NOT a seamstress.  I nearly failed home ec in middle school because of my lackluster sewing skills.  However, Cheryl's positivity and encouragement calmed my fears and I began creating a holiday apron in red and lime green.  I enjoyed hand sewing bits and bobs to a plain apron I found at Kirkland's.

The fun part of this swap was that all participants had to send their creations to Cheryl and she carefully handpicked an apron for each of us from the lot.  No one  knew what apron they would be getting in return.  Ooh, the suspense!

I was delighted to receive Kelly Gibbs Lamb's apron.  This is not the first creation that I have received from Kelly.  Back in October, when we both attended Jenn Hayslip's Once Upon A Dream event, I received not one but two of Kelly's creations in the swap exchange.  One being a fairy lapel pin and the other being a fairy house. A naughty fairy house to be exact!  Tee hee!

Kelly's apron was divine and in my favorite colors of aqua and pink.  I immediately displayed it in my dining room alongside all my other vintage inspired Christmas decorations that are in that color palette.  I am so glad that her apron made it's way to my home. 

**Photo by Cheryl of Nouveaux Portmanteau**

Cheryl included a gorgeous tote bag that she made with each of our aprons.  The holiday tote is the perfect accessory to take to all the holiday parties.  I love the image on the front of the brother with the two sisters.  It reminds me of my son, daughter and stepdaughter.  Very cute!

Unfortunately, in all the rush of trying to get my apron in the mail to Cheryl, I forgot to photograph it.  However, Cheryl did a fabulous job of photographing each of the aprons.  Here is an image I grabbed from Cheryl's blog.

**Photo by Cheryl of Nouveaux Portmanteau**

Thanks, Cheryl!  I had so much fun with the apron swap, count me in to participate in your tussie mussie swap.



  1. Awe Marian!!
    I was honored to have you!! And I KNEW you could do a wonderful job!! and see, you did! Thank you for participating!! How funny that you and Kelly swapped.. I didn't know you were swap partners in Asheville!! It was meant to be!! LOL!!!

    I am also honored to have you in the tussie mussie swap! And can not wait to see your creation!!!

  2. Marian your work is ALWAYS stunning!! Your apron is beautiful! I LOVE Kelly. What a beautiful apron you got in return. Enjoy! xoxo

  3. I love your sweet apron!! Goodness knows I always need an apron when i'm cooking!!! :)