A Good Reason for Not Blogging

I have been pretty slack about updating my blog recently but I have a good reason, really I do!  I am expecting my second child and this first trimester is kicking my butt with fatigue.  As soon as I put my son down for the night, I'm crawling into bed from utter exhaustion.  And I sleep like the dead until it's time to get up the next morning.  Typically, before I got pregnant, I would spend a couple of hours each night doing housework, pursuing my artistic endeavors and blogging.  Now, my house, art and my blog have been neglected. I am looking forward to my second trimester so I can get back some of the energy I have lost.  I have several posts planned and hope to post them soon.  Until next time, take care.  I hope you understand.


  1. Congratulations, Marian!!! SO exciting!!! You enjoy that sleep and hopefully your energy will pick up soon! : )