Tuesday night I was still in DC when my friends Megan, Chellie and new friend Cynthia went to Constitution Hall for Shecky's Girls Night Out. This event was the best girls night out I have ever had! First, the event was ladies only. No boys allowed. (Like my six-year-old stepdaughter says, "Girls rule, boys drool.") With the price of your admission ticket, each lady received an awesome gift bag, unlimited cocktails and an exclusive shopping experience. What more could a girl want?

Each Shecky's Famous Goodie Bag was stuffed full of beauty products and other items from romance novels to CDs. Each goodie bag was different. Our little entourage dug through our bags evaluating all the loot we just scored. Then like little boys trading baseball cards we swapped items to personalize our bounty to suit each lady's taste. Cynthia received a Jesse McCartney CD in hers but traded with Chellie for a romance novel. I traded my teeth whitening trays with Megan for a great eyeshadow. Megan didn't like the color of the eyeshadow and I couldn't use the whitening trays because of my braces. It was definitely a win-win situation for us all.

On top of the goodie bag, the shopping was fantastic. Shecky's gets all types of vendors from all over the US to sell their goods at their Girls Night Out events. There was everything from jewelry to handbags, to beauty products, clothing and so much more. The selection was from a variety of indie designers and boutiques. You definitely can't find these things in Middle GA. I picked up a great necklace from Eda & Betty Heirloom Couture's Vintage Raindrop Collection at a SUPER discount and the cutest hand-crocheted cloche in green with purple trim from Volang. All my friends also bought a hat from Volang. They are all so unique and stylish!

The best part of the evening was being with just the girls. There is nothing like having good friends to enjoy life with. Good times. Good times.

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