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At my work, employees adopt families at Christmas.  We raise money year round by have hot dog or spaghetti lunches, a motorcycle run, raffles and more.  Our biggest fundraiser by far is the online auction we have right before Thanksgiving.  Our company has a lot of talented bakers so desserts are usually the most bid on items.  This year I decided to offer a custom mixed media collage to the winner.    The winner would have a one-on-one consultation with me before I began work on the collage.  Debra's only specification was to use angels in the piece.  Otherwise, I had carte blanche in creating the rest.  Below is what I came up with.  The image of the three angels really inspired me and was the basis of the whole piece.  Debra was so thrilled with the collage that she showed it off to nearly everyone in the office and proudly displays it in her workspace.  

Custom mixed media collage are available upon request.  Just message me.  Thanks for dropping by! 

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