Made ~ Silhouette Plaques

Silhouettes are in vogue right now. I have always love the simplicity of the artwork. I was inspired by an article I saw in Victoria magazine to create my own silhouettes for my master bedroom. First, I bought these frames at a neighbor's yard sale for $5. As you can see, she wanted six dollars for them but I bargained with her because I bought several other items.

I removed the glass fronts that were wallpapered with bucolic scenes and painted the brass frames with American Accents in Espresso.

Next, I covered the frame backs with burlap that I trimmed to size and adhered using Spray Mount. Then, I took profile photos of my husband and me, printed them out and used a copier to get the right size silhouette for the frames. I cut out the silhouette from the copier paper and traced it onto brown cardstock. I meticulously cut out the silhouettes from the brown cardstock and adhered them to the burlap using more Spray Mount. Now, we have customized artwork in our master bedroom for under $10. And my husband thinks they're awesome.  Cool!  Now I just need to hang them.

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  1. These are so, so cute! You are ridiculously creative!

  2. Very cute and oh so easy! Thanks for linking up!